About Us

About us

With the joint effort of some professionals and enthusiasts, Spadana Cycling Institute has been established in Isfahan, Iran with separate legal personality, non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit goals just for voluntary activities in cultural, social, religious, sports, and humanitarian fields legally based on a written constitution and compliance with laws and regulations.

Spadana Cycling Institute performs different road and mountain bike programs in order to develop and promote cycling culture, connect people of any age, race, culture, education, and social class with no boundaries, introduce Iranian culture, and also introduce monuments and modern buildings and tribes and different customs across the country.

In addition to performing inner-city and inter-city cycling tours, Spadana Cycling Institute in a consistent movement with broader programs intends to start cross-border cycling tours to further develop the relationship between Iran and its neighbors and especially Isfahan’s twins or sisters. So, if you wish to cooperate with us in this field or you need further information, please keep in touch with us via این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید.      



Contact Us

Address: Spadana Cycling Institute, Bagh Daryache St., Vahid St., Isfahan, Iran

Tel:  (+98-31) 37868799

Fax: (+98-31) 37867894

Cell: (+98) 9130326216

Email Address: این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید


Reception Opening Hours

Saturday-Thursday: 9:00 AM – 20:00 PM 

Friday: closed 

Public holidays: closed

وعده ما هر جمعه راس ساعت هفت صبح ضلع جنوبی پل آذر مقابل فرهنگسرای فرشچیان. برای شرکت در برنامه‌های رکابزنی تفریحی انجمن نیازی نیست که یک دوچرخه‌سوار حرفه‌ای باشید، کافیست تا در موعد مقرر با دوچرخه در محل حضور پیدا کنید. منتظر دیدار شما در جمعه این هفته هستیم.

آخرين جمعه هر ماه صرف صبحانه در كنار همركابان